Frozens Digital Study Set

From MGH Learn Pathology


Intraoperative frozen section diagnoses play a significant role in patient management. Evaluation is often challenging due to various artifacts, time constraints, and lack of ancillary tests. Interpretation is solely dependent on H&E morphology, and thus mastery of this skill requires extensive practice. Various specimen types are encountered daily on a busy service, which requires a broad scope of knowledge. This study set includes a sampling of frozen sections collected from the Massachusetts General Hospital frozen section service and is meant to serve as an educational resource for pathology trainees.

Nida Safdar, MD

Table of contents

  1. Genitourinary (29 slides)
  2. Pulmonary Pathology (20 slides)
  3. Neuropathology (38 slides)
  4. Hematopathology (9 slides)
  5. Bone and Soft Tissue (13 slides)
  6. Gynecologic (32 slides)
  7. Head and Neck (18 slides)
  8. Gastrointestinal (22 slides)