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Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis
Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis

Case 1

19 yo M with large right subpectoral mass with numerable bilateral pulmonary nodules null Small round blue cell neoplasm (permanent dx: synovial sarcoma monophasic spindle-cell type)

Case 2

56 yo M with right lower lobe lung tumor null High-grade malignancy favor carcinoma (permanent dx small cell carcinoma)

Case 3

72 yo F with R apical lung nodule null Fibroelastotic scarring; negative for malignancy

Case 4

59 yo F with 3.5 cm left upper lobe lung mass null Lung parenchyma with extended alveolar spaces with mucin and a focus of atypical epithelium lining alveolar walls away from margin

Case 5

41 yo F never smoker with 6.5 cm right upper lung mass invading the mediastinum and extending to right hilum with mediastinal adenopathy and enlarged supraclavicular lymph node null Atypical cells suggestive of non-small cell carcinoma (permanent dx: classic Hodgkin lymphoma)

Case 6

56 yo F with lung nodule null Atypical pneumocyte proliferation associated with lymphoplasmacytic inflammation (permanent dx: adenocarcinoma)

Case 7

70 yo F with lung nodule null Adenocarcinoma 0.5 cm from parenchymal margin

Case 8

Hemothorax; pleural biopsy null Fibrous and organizing pleuritis with abundant acute inflammation. No granulomas. No evidence of malignancy

Case 9

68 yo M with RUL mass null Small cell carcinoma with significant crush artifact

Case 10

49 yo M with anterior mediastinal mass null Poorly differentiated carcinoma

Case 11

72 yo F with 1.7 cm solitary lung nodule; former smoker history of breast cancer null Organization pneumonia; negative for malignancy

Case 12

64 yo F with lung nodule null Carcinoid tumor

Case 13

71 yo M with large left hilar mass and mediastinal lymphadenopathy; 4R lymph node null Metastatic poorly differentiated carcinoma (permanent dx: small cell carcinoma)

Case 14

65 yo M with LLL mass; 4R lymph node null Positive for neoplasia with epithelioid features (permanent dx: Metastatic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma consistent with lung primary)

Case 15

57 yo M with tracheal mass (no prior biopsies) null Small focus of adenoid cystic carcinoma present in the adventitia

Case 16

72 yo M with pleural effusion; pleural biopsy null No definitive malignancy some atypical cells favor reactive mesothelial cells; chronic inflammation (permanent dx: chronic pleuritis with multiple lymphoid follicles and mesothelial hyperplasia)

Case 17

75 yo F with lung nodule null Organizing pneumonia with chronic and histiocytic inflammation with atypical pneumocytes favor reactive atypia (Permanent dx: Fibroinflammatory nodule; there is no evidence of malignancy)

Case 18

58 yo F with lung nodule null Low grade spindle cell neoplasm (Permanent dx: Smooth muscle neoplasm; no over features of malignancy; may represent benign pulmonary leiomyoma which is exceptionally rare; metastasis from other sites including cutaneous and uterine origins should be clinically excluded; benign metastasizing leiomyoma of the uterus cannot be excluded)

Case 19

15 yo M with anterior mediastinal mass null Germ cell tumor (Permanent dx: yolk sac tumor)