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Subspecialty Neuropathology
Set Frozens Study Set 2020
Topic NP
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Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis
Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis

Case 1

49 yo F with cystic left cerebellar mass with associated densely enhancing component that appears vascular and has products of hemorrhage along its margins null Vascular tumor with hemorrhage and intracellular fat (Oil-Red-O) consistent with hemangioblastoma (permanent dx: hemangioblastoma WHO grade I of IV)

Case 2

25 yo with exophytic mass at right medulla null Low grade glial tumor with abundant Rosenthal material (permanent dx: pilocytic astrocytoma WHO grade I)

Case 3

58 yo F with right frontal extra-axial mass (4.5 cm) null Meningioma (permanent dx: meningioma with atypical features and mildly elevated proliferation index)

Case 4

58 yo M with two peripherally enhancing cystic left frontal and parietal lesions null High grade glioma (permanent dx: glioblastoma)

Case 5

53 yo M with pineal cystic lesion (1.6 cm) null Pineal-type parenchyma with calcifications no definitive lesion seen (permanent dx: pineal cyst)

Case 6

32 yo F with history of anaplastic astrocytoma s/p craniotomy for resection 10 years ago with chemoradiation with imaging concerning for recurrence null Brain with infiltrating by cells of patient's known astrocytoma (permanent dx: recurrent/residual infiltrating astrocytoma)

Case 7

51 yo M with intradural tumor at L1-L2 null Schwannoma

Case 8

34 yo F with 2.7 cm enhancing intradural lesion at L2 null Suggestive of myxopapillary ependymoma (permanent dx: Schwannoma with abundant myxoid change)

Case 9

32 yo M with pituitary mass null Pituitary adenoma

Case 10

53 yo M with history of GBM s/p resection 2 years ago now with nodular enhancement on surveillance MRI null Brain with abundant tumor cells consistent with known glioblastoma

Case 11

72 yo M with multiply recurrent atypical meningioma (s/p multiple resections radiation brachytherapy pembrolizumab and Avastin) now with imaging concerning for progression null Meningothelial tumor consistent with known atypical meningioma viable and without evidence of progression to anaplastic meningioma (permanent dx: recurrent/residual atypical meningioma)

Case 12

67 yo M with history of rectal carcinoma now with new brain mass null Malignant glioma with extensive necrosis (permanent dx: glioblastoma)

Case 13

90 yo M with possible recurrence of previously resected R. occipital melanoma s/p pembro and radiation null Reactive gliosis with abundant hemosiderin. Additional tissue requested.

Case 14

34 yo F with history of pituitary adenoma null Neoplasm with neuroendocrine features and marked pleomorphism consistent with adenoma (permanent dx: corticotroph adenoma with elevated proliferation index)

Case 15

59 yo F with left acoustic tumor null Schwannoma with abundant xanthomatous change

Case 16

63 yo M with left occipital mass null High grade glioma (permanent dx: glioblastoma)

Case 17

50 yo M with history of recurrent frontotemporal anaplastic astrocytoma s/p multiple resections null Recurrent/residual glioma. No necrosis or microvascular proliferation seen (permanent dx: recurrent/residual high grade malignant astrocytoma)

Case 18

43 yo M with masslike lesion which appears to replace normal architecture of the majority of the cervical cord null Ependymoma (permanent dx: subependymoma)

Case 19

27 yo F with pituitary cysts null Consistent with contents of Rathke's cleft cyst (permanent dx: acellular fluid material consistent with contents of a Rathke's cyst)