DZI20-137: BST

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Subspecialty Bone and Soft Tissue
Set Frozens Study Set 2020
Topic BST
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Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis
Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis

Case 1

36 yo F with left fourth toe mass null Fibroma of tendon sheath versus collagen fibroma (permanent dx: collagenous fibroma)

Case 2

60 yo M left shoulder mass null Spindle cell lipoma

Case 3

75 yo M with left distal femur mass null Malignant neoplasm (permanent dx: diffuse large B-cell lymphoma)

Case 4

45 yo M with history of invasive ductal carcinoma now with left iliac lesion null Metastatic carcinoma (permanent dx: metastatic carcinoma consistent with mammary primary)

Case 5

73 yo M with right calf mass null Schwannoma

Case 6

25 yo F with right finger mass null Giant cell tumor of bone

Case 7

47 yo M with 1.8 cm soft tissue lesion at anterior/medial aspect of distal tibia null Granulomatous inflammation and fibrosis (permanent dx: Subcutaneous tissue with histiocytic inflammation fibrosis fat necrosis perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate and dystrophic calcifications; there is no evidence of malignancy)

Case 8

30 yo F with 10.5 cm heterogenous anterior compartment thigh mass undergoing resection; noted to have soft tissue mass on lower abdominal wall during surgery null Endometriosis

Case 9

66 yo F with 14 cm sacral mass destructive with extensive extraosseous tumor extension null Plasma cell neoplasm with abundant amyloid

Case 10

33 yo M with rapidly enlarging right thigh mass null Subcutaneous nodule with marked acute and chronic inflammation and atypical stromal cells most suggestive of myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma

Case 11

44 yo F with 5 cm sacral mass null Chordoma

Case 12

41 yo F with 6.7 cm right thigh mass null Myxoma

Case 13

42 yo F with NF1 with T9/T10 mass null Neurofibroma (permanent dx: diffuse neurofibroma)