DZI20-139: ENT

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Request type Study
Subspecialty Head and Neck
Set Frozens Study Set 2020
Topic ENT
Presenter NS495 (user needs to log in to Learn Pathology)


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Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis
Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis

Case 1

53 yo M with right facial mass null Cellular dense collagenous tissue (permanent dx: nodular fasciitis)

Case 2

20 yo F with thyroid cancer; enlarged lymph node null Numerous psammoma bodies consistent with metastatic papillary thyroid cancer

Case 3

35 yo F with primary hyperparathyroidism; thyroid vs. parathyroid null Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis

Case 4

61 yo M with large vocal fold lesion null Squamous mucosa with underlying hemorrhage and foreign body giant cell reaction with no evidence of neoplasm

Case 5

66 yo M with right nasal mass null Schneiderian papilloma inverted type

Case 6

50 yo F with history of sinonasal squamous cell carcinoma with concern for recurrence null Infiltrating carcinoma with polypoid granulation tissue (permanent dx: invasive squamous cell carcinoma non-keratinizing)

Case 7

13 yo F with mandibular lesion null Benign fibro-osseous lesion

Case 8

71 yo M with left parotid mass null Pleomorphic adenoma

Case 9

18 yo M with mandible lesion null Odontogenic keratocyst

Case 10

58 yo M left mandibular lesion null Squamous lined tissue with chronic inflammation suggestive of keratocystic odontogenic tumor (permanent diagnosis: keratocystic odontogenic tumor)

Case 11

58 yo F with left maxillary sinus lesion null Inflammatory polyp

Case 12

31 yo F right mastoid lesion null Fibro-osseous lesion most consistent with fibrous dysplasia

Case 13

55 yo M with oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma undergoing resection null Squamous mucosa with sialometaplasia

Case 14

63 yo M with laryngeal/pharyngeal stenosis null *Slide 1 (epiglottis): Atypical squamoproliferative lesion with intraepithelial acute inflammation and focal dyskeratosis. Although worrisome there are no overt features of malignancy (permanent dx: squamous mucosa with intramucosal acute and chronic inflammation and extensive reactive changes)
  • Slide 2 (Left supraglottis): Invasive squamous cell carcinoma

Case 15

36 yo M with GVHD on immunosuppression null Invasive fungal sinusitis with vascular and stromal invasion