DZI20-172: Uvea

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Subspecialty Eye
Set MEEI Eye Pathology Collection
Topic Uvea
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Case Clinical history Slide count
Case Clinical history Slide count
Case 1 Uveal tumor in a 60-year-old man. 4
Case 2 Uveal inflammation in a blind eye of a 55-year-old patient 1
Case 3 Choroidal tumor in a 65 year old woman 1
Case 4 Immunocompromised middle-aged patient 1
Case 5 Infant with tumor in anterior segment originally diagnosed as cataract. The tumor was suspected only during cataract surgery. Weeks later the eye was enucleated. 1
Case 6 Three-year-old with masses in the ciliary body of both eyes. No family history. 1
Case 7 4-year-old with white mass in the ciliary body and cataract. 1
Case 8 55-year-old with mass in right eye. 1
Case 9 25-year-old with poor vision with 1-year history of mass in ciliary body with attempted local excision. The tumor continued to grow and it extended outside the sclera at the time of enucleation. 1