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Anna Stagner, MD

Director, Eye Pathology Service



Thaddeus P. Dryja, MD

Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School


We are creating this collection of photomicrographs to allow physicians learning ophthalmology and pathology (including medical students, ophthalmology and pathology residents and fellows, and practicing physicians) to have access to histopathology images of eye diseases. Over time we aspire to have a large collection covering a wide range of ophthalmic diseases. Until that goal is reached, we will add cases to the library as they become available and to the extent we have time to prepare them.

Many of the slides come from specimens that we have here at the Mass Eye and Ear and at Mass General Hospital. Others come from consultations from outside institutions or from cases presented to eye pathology societies such as the Eastern Ophthalmic Pathology Society or the Verhoeff-Zimmerman Society.

The material is de-identified and HIPAA-compliant. In many cases, the patient’s age, gender, and clinical history have been changed to enhance confidentiality, especially when this information is not important for the diagnosis. When such information is altered, it is done in a way so that the information still conforms to the typical presentation for each disease.

The images are available to all for use in presentations, with the proviso that one acknowledges their source from the “Image Library of the Cogan Eye Pathology Laboratory of the Mass Eye and Ear.”

Table of contents

  1. Eyelid (2 slides)
  2. Conjunctiva (3 slides)
  3. Cornea (2 slides)
  4. Lens (2 slides)
  5. Vitreous (1 slides)
  6. Uvea (12 slides)
  7. Retina (6 slides)
  8. Orbit and lacrimal gland (1 slides)
  9. Optic nerve (3 slides)