GPR: 2019 - Week 37

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Clinical history

60s F with 3.9 cm adrenal mass.

GPR19-29 -Picture1b.jpg

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GPR19-29 -Picture1b.jpg

Adrenal cortical adenoma
Up to ~4 cm

Most often <50 g (adults)



Can have myxoid changes, microcystic appearance, but no necrosis

Uninvolved adrenal cortex normal or atrophic

GPR19-29 -Picture2.jpg


Adrenal cortical carcinoma

Often large (10-14 cm)

Most often >100 g (adults)

Poorly circumscribed, invasive pattern

Red/brown and fleshy to tan-yellow

Frequent hemorrhage and necrosis

GPR19-29 -5.png


Adrenal cortical hyperplasia

Diffuse enlargement of adrenal cortex Can appear nodular

This week's Gross Pathology Roundup was presented by Daniel Shepherd, MD, PhD on Mon, Sep 09, 2019.