WSI21-143: Mimicry in Melanocytic Lesions

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Subspecialty Dermatopathology
Set MAI Derm Path Study Set
Topic Mimicry in Melanocytic Lesions
Presenter Hoang, Mai P.,MD


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Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis

Case 1

A 34-year-old female presented with a pink/tan dome shaped lesion with slightly irregular borders on her left leg Anna Harris Martin C. Mihm Jr. and Alireza Sepehr null Spitzoid melanoma versus Spitz nevus

Case 2

A 69 year old female developed a progressively enlarging mass on the back of the leg. Travis Hollmann and Jason Hornick null Epithelioid malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor versus melanoma

Case 3

A 60 year-old man presented with a small pigmented lesion on his left vertex scalp Katy R Linskey and Rosalynn M. Nazarian null Melanoma regression versus halo nevus

Case 4

A 25 year-old pregnant woman presented with a lesion on her left inner thigh Alice Z. C. Lobo Maria Cecilia Lezcano and Adriano Piris null Dermal nevus with mitoses versus nevoid melanoma

Case 5

A 96 year-old female presented with a 10mm brown-black and irregular plaque on her left arm Anna Harris and Alireza Sepehr null Desmoplastic melanoma versus sclerosing nevus

Case 6

A 41-year-old male presented with a scalp lesion George Lin and Mei-Yu Hsu null Amelanotic blue nevus versus dermatofibroma

Case 7

A 27 year-old woman presented with a longstanding nodule on the lower back Jennifer Kaplan and Steven R. Tahan null Cellular blue nevus versus malignant melanoma arising in a blue nevus

Case 8

A 16 year-old girl presented with an intermittently itchy right nasolabial fold mole Devon Gimbel and Lyn M. Duncan null Recurrent nevus phenomenon versus melanoma with regression

Case 9

Sentinel lymph node biopsy in a 72 year-old male with a history of melanoma Gabrielle Baker and Lyn M. Duncan null Nevus cell nests versus nodal micrometastases

Case 10

A 47 year-old woman with a history of melanoma on her left forearm presented with a new pigmented lesion on her left lateral thigh May P. Chan and Beverly E. Faulkner-Jones null Melanoma with senescence-like changes versus nevus with senescent change

Case 11

A 37 year old male presented with a pigmented lesion on the left chest wall Andrea Boni Martin C. Mihm Jr. and Adriano Piris null Deep penetrating nevus versus nodular melanoma

Case 12

A 64 year old male presented with a new growth on the left forearm Jaime Vanourny and Vincent Liu null Epithelioid amelanotic melanoma versus carcinoma

Case 13

A 53 year old male presented with a papule on the tip of the nose John P. Dekker Martin C. Mihm Jr. and Mai Hoang null Cellular neurothekeoma versus melanoma

Case 14

A 51 year old woman presented with multiple pigmented lesions near scar site of prior melanoma Johanna Baran and Mai Hoang null Epidermotropic metastasis versus primary melanoma

Case 15

A 16 year old male presented for cosmetic management of an 8-cm congenital nevus involving his right face Olga Kolman Martin C. Mihm Jr. and Mai Hoang null Congenital nevus with benign versus atypical proliferative nodule

Case 16

A 82 year-old male presented with a growing lesion in front of his right ear Kevin Masami Kitagawa and M. Angelica Selim null Desmoplastic melanoma versus scar

Case 17

A 30-year old male presented with a right leg skin lesion Leona Doyle and Mei-Yu Hsu null Spindle cell melanoma versus sarcomatoid carcinoma/atypical fibroxanthoma

Case 18

A 35 year old pregnant woman presented with enlarging nevus on her neck May P. Chan and Steven R. Tahan null Benign nevus in pregnancy versus nevoid melanoma

Case 19

A 24-year-old female presented with multiple nevi in the head and neck region Elgida Radoncipi Volpicelli Alvaro C. Laga and George F. Murphy null Epithelioid cell changes of youth versus true dysplasia

Case 20

A 76 year-old man presented with multiple irregularly shaped and pigmented lesions on her trunk Christine G. Lian Alvaro C. Laga and George F. Murphy null Dysplastic nevus versus lentiginous melanoma