GPR: 2021 - Week 32

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Clinical history

28 year-old male with multiple extratesticular solid lesions in right hemiscrotum


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Fibrous pseudotumor
  • Can be seen at any age.
  • Can be associated with hydrocele, history of trauma or infection.
  • Single or disseminated tan-white firm nodules, less frequently plaques.
  • Nodules mostly encasing the testis or free in tunica vaginalis.
  • Evidence for IgG4-related pathogenesis.



Adenomatoid tumor

  • Most common benign tumor of testicular adnexa.
  • Can occur at any age, rare in children.
  • Usually located at epididymis.
  • Almost always unilateral, solitary, <5cm.
  • Typically tan-white, round to oval and well-demarcated.



Epididymal abscess

  • Evidence of ascending infection from lower GU tract, STI, disseminated infection or immunosupression.
  • Abscess with surrounding fibrosis.
  • May extend to testis.




  • Caused by the presence of a patent tunica vaginalis or imbalance in fluid secretion/absorption.
  • Associated with trauma, infection or tumor.
  • Can be multicystic.
  • Thin, tan-white, semi-transparent wall.
  • Accumulation of clear fluid.
  • Rory Crotty
  • Anna Stagner
  • George Eng
Ulbright TM and Young RH, AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology 4th Series Fascicle 18, Tumors of the Testis and Adjacent Structures, ARP Press 2013.

This week's Gross Pathology Roundup was presented by Baris Boyraz MD on 2021-08-09.