GPR: 2021 - Week 23

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Clinical history

1.5 year old male with 17 cm abdominal mass.


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  • Benign lipomatous tumor of brown adipose tissue
  • Circumscribed, lobulated lesion
  • Tan-yellow to brown, greasy cut surface
  • Large (~10 cm)



Dedifferentiated liposarcoma

  • Well-demarcated mass
  • Variable cut surface
  • Can appear predominantly or entirely composed of fibrous or fleshy, nonlipogenic tissue
  • Sampling of tumor periphery is important to detect lipogenic precursor




  • Benign proliferation of mature adipose and hematopoietic tissue
  • Most common in adrenal gland
  • Well-circumscribed nodule, often with rim of compressed adrenal tissue
  • Variably yellow-tan to red-gray or hemorrhagic cut surface

  • Dr. Rex Hung
  • Dr. Dan Shepherd
  • Dr. Leif Helland

This week's Gross Pathology Roundup was presented by Soma Jobbagy MD, PhD on 2021-06-07.