GPR: 2019 - Week 50

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Clinical history

37 yo M with AML post-induction chemotherapy, presents to the hospital with fevers resistant to broad-spectrum antibiotics and radiographs demonstrating bilateral fluffy infiltrates. A biopsy grew the following specimen:

GPR19-40 -A fumigatus.jpg

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GPR19-40 -A fumigatus.jpg

Aspergillus Fumigatus
  • Blue-green to gray-turquoise on surface
  • White to tan on reverse side
  • Can grow at 50° C (unique to fumigatus)
  • * The most common cause of invasive fungal pulmonary infections in neutropenic hosts

GPR19-40 -A Flavus.jpg


Aspergillus Flavus

  • Yellow to dark yellowish-green on surface
  • Goldish to red brown on reverse side

GPR19-40 -A terreus.jpg


Aspergillus Terreus

  • Cinnamon to brown on surface
  • White to brown on reverse side
  • Often resistant to amphotericin B

GPR19-40 -A niger.jpg


Aspergillus Niger

  • Black on surface
  • White to yellow on reverse side
  • Frequent cause of otomycosis, sometimes associated with intracavitary colonization, especialyl in diabetes mellitus
Thanks to Dr. John Branda for images!
Manual of Clinical Microbiology, 11th Edition, Jorgensen and Pfaller

This week's Gross Pathology Roundup was presented by Tyler Miller, MD, PhD on Mon, Dec 09, 2019.