DZI20-175: Optic nerve

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Subspecialty Eye
Set MEEI Eye Pathology Collection
Topic Optic nerve
Presenter Stagner, Anna M.,MD


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Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis

Case 1

20 y/o F with fusiform enlargement of the optic nerve on imaging null Optic nerve glioma (pilocyti astrocytoma). Note the Rosenthal fibers and eosinophilic granular bodies and the residual normal optic nerve fibers divided by pial septa.

Case 2

88-year-old who died of nonocular causes. A surgical procedure had been performed at age 60. null The surgical procedure was an iridencleisis. This is a type of glaucoma filtering procedure that is no longer used because of the risk of sympathetic ophthalmia. In this procedure iris is intentionally pulled into the surgical wound so that it will never seal up the connection between the anterior chamber and the subconjunctival tissue. Aqueous humor will continually drain from the anterior chamber to the conjunctival substantia propria forming a filtering bleb that is seen on the slide. Other manifestations of glaucoma are the attenuated ganglion cell layer of the retina and the deep cup of the optic nerve head. KEY WORDS: surgery filtration surgery glaucoma optic atrophy.