DZI19-51: Placental infections

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Request type Study
Subspecialty Obstetrical
Set DRU Placental Interesting Case
Topic Placental infections
Presenter Roberts, Drucilla J.,MD


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Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis
Case Clinical history Requester Diagnosis

Case 1

severe IUGR near term Em99 CMV placentitis with hemosiderin and plasma cell villitis immature red blood cells

Case 2

IUFD at 20 weeks maternal age 13 Em99 CMV placentitis with edema and inclusions

Case 3

hydrops fetalis 740 g placenta 27 weeks Em99 congenital parvovirus

Case 4

IUFD at 19 weeks Em99 GBS acute villitis necrotizing chorioamnionitis intravascular organisms

Case 5

IUGR at term Em99 microscopic abscess listerial infection

Case 6

HELLP syndrome Em99 malarial sequestration

Case 7

preterm IUFD Em99 placental toxoplasmosis

Case 8

preterm IUFD Em99 congenital HSV chronic inflammation with plasma cells in umbilical cord